The 'Desertshores' track is a gathering of the voices of thirty five of Sleazy's friends
and acquaintances. The lyrics are simply "Meet me On The Desertshore".

Marc Almond
Skot Armstong
Vicki Bennett
Bill Breeze
Chris Carter
Peter Christopherson
Chris Connelly
Andria Degens
Cosey Fanni Tutti
Mitch Flacko
Sasha Grey
Danny Hyde
David Tibet
Drew McDowall
Kirsten Reynolds
Andrew Lahman
Claus Laufenburg
Les Maull
Terry McGaughey
Daniel Miller
Zoe Miller
Mark Moore
Nick Newby-Carter
Gaspar Noé
Charlie Poulet
Paul Smith
Susan Stenger
Paul Taylor
Stephen Thrower

There are four versions of the track - the CD release of 'Desertshore / The Final Report' includes the original full length version while the vinyl release includes a shortened version, to accommodate the reduced playing time on vinyl.

A live remix of 'Desertshores' was recorded in Newcastle at the AV Festival's '
Wishful Thinking: In Remembrance of Peter Christopherson' performance in March 2012.

The 'Memorial Mix' was produced in November 2012 to commemorate the second anniversary of Sleazy's death.