Update: June 2013
We are aware that many people did not have the opportunity to obtain copies of these
Special Editions when they were originally releasedso we have managed to secure some
copies to make them available to our fans and regular visitors to our website.

Single copies of the 'Part Two' CD including a Totemic Gift are now available
in limited numbers and at a reduced price via


The first 4000 copies of 'PART TWO The Endless Not' came with a Totemic Gift inserted into the spine area of the jewel case. Four Editions, of 1000 copies each, in copper, bone, rubber and wood, were released.
The Totemic Gifts were handmade under Peter Christopherson's personal supervision in Thailand. These copies were distributed worldwide, although obviously opportunities to find them were limited and to some extent random. As far as we know none of these editions that reached stores remain unsold. We are very aware that many people will not have had the opportunity to obtain copies of the Totem Editions (indeed some may never have even seen them) so in the nick of time, we purchased a small number and held them back so as to make them slightly more generally available to regular visitors to our website. In addition to the four Totem Editions from Mute/EMI, there is also a Japanese release of the Endless Not which contains a fifth Totemic Gift item, in stainless steel. Finally Peter Christopherson has produced a sixth Totemic Gift in 23 carat gold, of which only a handful exists.

These are the six Totems:

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